Thursday, December 31, 2015


Another from the Ramblings compilation. I have read this out loud at a Poetry Bar down on "Deep Ellum" in Dallas. It was meant to be read aloud.


In the dank, dark, lousy cells of your mind
Do you find from time-to-time a respite

Do you burn all the day
Do you hate all the night


Do you sometimes suffer from fright

Have you cried a tear that was not for show
Had a moment when you stubbed your toe

Was there ever a time when you did not lie
No, that would take effort - you would have to try

Your one of the mean ones
The takers - the spies
Stay away from me
You make me cry



kaleidoscope said...

hi bogart. your poetry is very emotionally charged! In response to your previous post, I love kaleidoscopes and I think it's in part because when we make a slight turn in the viewer, we see a completley different image. The kaleidoscope is a lens through which we may never see the same image more than once! It is constantly changing and changeable and so am I and so are you. Peace. Until next week.

gkgirl said...

here here!

these could be lyrics.

michelle said...

Wow! Very nice. :)

paris parfait said...

Fantastic poem! Am glad you "read it" to us.

abhay k said...

cynical, emotionally charged but true and powerful...enjoyed reading it..

Bogart said...

I thank you all.I am enjoying reading all of yours. Such diversity!
abhay k, I read yours every week and enjoy, but for some reason, it won't allow me to leave a comment. I have this trouble on several of the blogs from other countries.

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