Thursday, January 20, 2005

Great -Granddad Was A What !?!

Jacob William Moultre Grabeel - Margaret Virginia Crockett
Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother

Recently I found my paternal family after a long separation They have a family website, so I have been getting to know them again. Granny and Grandpa died long ago and some of my Uncles and Aunts, but I still have ton's of cousins. I asked for information on my Great Grandparents and I received these pictures and some interesting gossip today. My Great Granddaddy was shot as a cattle thief. He was a scoundrel and the black sheep of the family. My Grandpa always said his Pa was a butcher and sold meat and that's all he would say, neglected to mention he didn't buy the meat he sold. They lived in Virginia, not sure how the family ended up in Texas.
My Great Grandmother was Margaret Crockett from Tennessee. I had heard all my life I was related to Davy Crocket, he was distant Uncle

Mom, Dad and Granny 1951

I didn't know my Dad's side of the family as well as Mom's. I knew them when I was young. My Grandmother was a very sweet woman, she introduced me to books. Gave me Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Peter Pan for my 6th birthday, as well as a white zip-up Bible with my name imprinted in gold.. I didn't think about it till I was grown - just how ironic that was. She could barely read. She was from the Oklahoma Hills and didn't have a chance for much education, but introduced me to a love of books at six.

Harrison Jocephas Grabeel and Polly Matilda Row Grabeel
(Grandpa and Granny)
My Grandpa was a quiet, gruff German. He was a craftsman and built beautiful wood furniture. What I remember best about him was the loss of one of his fingers while I was staying the day. Granny didn't drive, so he had to drive himself to the clinic. Granny carried the finger in a glass of ice. I was about seven then. Very exciting stuff for me, not for them, it was the third one he cut off. The Doctor just sewed it back on and we went home.


I never heard anything about their parents. I remember some portraits hanging in the front room of their house. My parents divorced when I was eleven and we quit seeing that side of the family. Everyone moved and holidays became telephone calls then became nothing.

The young man is my Daddy, Billy Joe Grabeel.

and this little dollface is me in 1954.

I don't know what happens after we die,, it is scary.I have outlived my usefulness. The only time people treated me with respect was when I had the good job and was bringing home the bucks. I deserved respect less then than almost any other time in my life. I pray more and care more now than I ever did then. I don't lie, steal or ever deliberately hurt anyone. I try to not talk behind peoples backs and I give the benefit of the doubt when there is any doubt. I would never accuse anyone of something unless I see them doing it and then I try to empathize with the situation. I thought integrity counted for something. I know I am getting sicker and can't seem to do anything about it. I am afraid of what I will find out if I go to the Dr. I am afraid of what is happening to my body if I don't go to the Dr. I am a weak, whiny, useless person and I wished I was different. I pray for strength, courage and health to do the things wanted of me. I can't die yet, so I need to make money to give family. I need to ignore these people that devalue me and make me want to be gone.