Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am the odd man out. They all seem ok with things when I'm not here. I don't belong. I died years ago and my body lives on. It hurts all the time, but lives on.
I don't belong.
No one talks to me. They don't want me to talk. They don't want me to care. I am not wanted here. I am dead, but my body lives on.
I hurt and I don't matter to anyone, except maybe to someone who never even met me.
They tell me I am weird, strange, crazy. I worry too much. Yelling Yelling Yelling. Makes me numb. I don't belong.
The things I think, are thought by others, but not the ones here. It is me that is always wrong here. I don't belong.
It would be easier not to care, not to worry, not to tell.
My body is still alive and it speaks even when I know it shouldn't. Just keep quiet. That is what they want from me. An impersonable bot with no feelings. Just do the job and shut up. NO! That is not me. I am real, I have thoughts, I have feelings too. If I speak I will cause them to break. That is what they say. I love me. God loves me.

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