Thursday, October 13, 2005


I am thinking that I should have kept this blog private. It has been a refuge. When I started blogging in 2001, this was a place I could go and say the things you can't say. Nonetheless, they were in my head and I felt the need to let the thoughts out, no matter how black or depressing. They are very real to me. Not the kind of thoughts you want family or friends to know about though. They can't fix you, so why burden or worry them.One of my friends did see this after I went public. She was quite concerned about my mental health. Little does she know that writing things out, keeps me stablized. I always said I was insane, but stable. I assured her that most of this was written long ago, I even caught myself going to the archives and editing myself, so she wouldn't read and know how black I am. I don't want to abandon this blog. The good news for me is that she is pretty computer illiterate and probably didn't link to this feed and probably didn't save the addy. I will keep public for now. Maybe there are others like me.

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