Monday, April 09, 2007


Man Who Sold The World (videos below lyrics)
We passed upon the stairs,
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there
He said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eyes -
- I thought you died alone
A long long time ago
Oh no, not me,
We never lost control,
You're face to face,
With the man who sold the world
I laughed and shook his hand,
I made my way back home,
I searched for form and land,
Years and years I roamed,
I gazed a gazely stare,
We walked a million hills -
- I must have died alone,
A long long time ago.
Who knows, not me,
I never lost control,
You're face, to face,
With the man who sold the world.
I like all of these versions.

David Bowie is the original!


Jordis Unga (I think Jordis did a great job on RockStarINXS)

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pazush said...

jordis rock..