Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby, I'm Back.

It has been so long since I came here. I missed you.
Something went wrong and my blog was in Japanese and my sign on wouldn't work. It started back when I started using my Google sign on. I couldn't fix it and I couldn't read it, so I just abandoned it. That wasn't very nice, aye?
I thought I would come by today and see what was happening and it is found it no longer in Japanese. Yay. I may have flirted with 360, MYSPACE and Facebook, but you are my original love. When I started blogging here, I wasn't sure what a blog was. It was new to me, but I loved having a place to put my poems and private thoughs down where no one could find them. I messed up when I went public, because I lost the freedom of knowing no one you know could know the private stuff. Did I use the word "know " enough in that sentence? I don't really need the hiding place so much. I am in a lighter place now.

The Thanksgiving holiday was especially nice this year, very little drama and the meal was perfection. I am glad. The kids are all becoming teenagers this year, so it ought to be a fun next few years. (Hide me) I added a pic from the jibjab I made them. I will add the video now that this baby is cooperating with me again.

Dark Side, I Love you, miss you and will be back soon. I promise.

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