Wednesday, November 04, 2015


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I let myself have a little wine tonight. After a glass, I found my thoughts drifting to you.

I remember Amsterdam and the loft we shared.  Just a bed and bath at the top of narrow stairs. Below us was that lovely bakery. I remember the smell of hot bread that would wake us before dawn. That smell still comforts me. Five days we had,  five days to make love all night, wake, eat, love again. Surrounded in our blue smoke, we were the only world. Occasionally we would take the stairs down and mingle with the locals. I wonder if you ever think of that time so long ago. I choose to think you do.

I am back there now, hanging on your arm [and every word you say] as we walk along Jefferson Avenue. We liked to stop at the Blue Goose to share a treat. We would order way too much food and ask the waiter for a doggie bag and take it with us as we rushed back to our loft, because the only thing we really had a taste for was each other. We made love almost desperately as the days passed and they passed so damn quickly. We knew that our time was close. Somehow we both knew that this was magical and that we would never feel this passionately again. I never did. I really never loved like that again. I remember once clutching my stomach with an ache that went deep down to my core. I loved you so much that the thought of parting cut me deeply. The feeling was so real that I cried out loud and you asked what was wrong. I lied and told you I had stubbed my toe on the chair. I knew when the five days were over that we too would be over and I would never see you again.

Many years have passed since then and I know now that we will never be over. We are together now. Trapped in time exactly as we were then, the free-spirited boy who wrote silly songs and laughed at the world and the brown-eyed girl who still believed in time machines and soft purple dragons. We are there in Amsterdam again. It may have taken the glow of the wine to revive you, but I relish the memory as I walk the avenue holding your arm once more and it is real and I love you now as I loved you then. There is no ache this time, because I know you will never really leave me. I keep you hidden from my world. You are my secret, never to be shared.

Oh Amsterdam, you were once mine and I will always cherish you.

A couple of fellows we ran into.


sueloujo said...

Aww ..I love this! I lived in Amsterdam for one does that to you! x

Dona Bogart said...

Thank you, Sue. I appreciate your taking time to come by and comment!

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

Wow That is incredibly evocative Dona. Love it. Glad you wrote that. Would love to read more!

Dona Bogart said...

You know your opinion means the world to me, Kay. Thank you. A little wine loosens the tongue...

Kurniawan Zaini said...

When I go to amsterdam... ?