Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Apprentice Donald Trump VS Charlie Manson Video

Blogging (scroll down for Trump video)

I am not a very social person. I am happiest with my computer, Tv and a good book. I care little or nothing for going out and about or participating in events or activities, but I sure like to blog. I started this one in 2001. I didn't publish it for years though. I just posted my bad poetry and used it to grouse when I was depressed. It was called "Ramblings of a Manic Depressive" back then. I thought I was so original - till I Googled the name. There was a book published in the 70's by that name, rut roh, so I being the original person I am - stole from Pink Floyd, my favorite band ever. I figure that whatever medium I choose to use, the bad poetry, music lyrics, art or video, that I am revealing my self and therefore am blogging. The things I post, show who I am at the time I post them. I am not always pretty. I find I like and watch for a comment. It is interesting and somehow validating, knowing that somewhere, in some way, I connected with someone.
I am enjoying at the moment. I love a good video. This is not new, but is kinda funny if your an "Apprentice" fan. Trump Vs Manson.

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qfwfq said...

Hey, Mica. Good post. I actually like most when people is not "pretty", I find it more human in some sense.

I share some of your reasons to blog, although I'm much newer, don't know how long I will keep this. It was a nice reading, thx.