Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Am Not A Bot!

Wanna Play?

I guess I have been posting too many videos. Blogger wondered if I was a spam blog. Nope, just have a lot going on right now and it has been difficult to write. It is late now and the house is quiet, except for a branch that is hitting the window and sliding around making a fingernails on chalkboard sound. I keep meaning to trim it.

We had another cold spell hit after a very warm week. I say cold, I should say colder. It is around 56 degrees right now. This is Texas. Flowers are popping up here and there. They are sneaking up on me this year. I didn't pre-plan or prepare for spring like I usually do. The weather was so unpredictable, I didn't even trust the Farmers Almanac.

I think I was too ambitious with my Garden planting and I can't keep up with the weeds in so many areas. I am always overwhelmed and say I won't be able to do it, but manage to have pretty gardens in late spring and early summer anyways, but this year,,,,,When July and August hit everyone just says to hell with it.

This year though they are already talking heavy water restrictions. The little rain we had didn't help the drought conditions much at all.

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chiefbiscuit said...

Blogger betta just watch it! I like all your videos!
The spring photos are sweet - love the wee gnomeys! :) Yeah I get overwhelmed with spring too - but at the moment over here in NZ it is autumn so I can relax and watch everything close down - some pretty colours tho' while it happens, which is comforting.