Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sydni's Video

My grandaughter made this video for me. I wished she had done it in a more lighted area,,,lol She is a beautiful person and as she says "The Prettiest Girl You Know"


chiefbiscuit said...

Thank you. That is so sweet! You know, she reminds me a little of my granddaughter who is eight years old. It's just the sort of thing she'd do if given half the chance, and she also loves to sing. And she's not too afraid to say she's the prettiest girl I know!
I loved the wee song! What a sweetie.
Thank the Lord for granddaughters. (Was that a back view of you? ;) )

Bogart said...

Sydni is my angel,,,lol She is nine too. That is the back of Mom's head. She likes to sit there and do Crossword Puzzles. I am the one at the end that Syd brings the camera to. You don't see me sitting in front of the puter, as usual.